What is can we just ask?

Can We Just Ask is a platform intended to encourage debate and discussion. Established at the start of 2018 with the simple aim of starting conversations that matter, CWJA hopes to provide entertaining and insightful events and content to promote idea-sharing, problem-solving and community. 


Our audience-led panel discussions bring together thought-leaders, experts and personalities to provide insight around a particular topic or question. We’re not looking for answers necessarily, but we hope to broaden our own minds, as well as yours through interesting, well-rounded conversations.

Each season tackles a different theme or topic, allowing our audience to delve into the subject with a range of different media covering a spectrum of questions and lines of thought.


Can We Just Ask was created when Will and Annie realised they so often discussed things at a surface level, without the knowledge to create a well rounded opinion of a subject. So we wanted to bring together groups of people to dive deeper into broadening our knowledge and opinions together. 

So welcome, we hope to see you at one of our events, or that you find some content that grabs you - and if you have a question to ask, please don't hold back!

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London, UK

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