Who are Annie & Will?


Annie is a published author, public speaker and thought-leader within the worlds of wellness and social responsibility. She has become one of the most sought-after yoga teachers around the globe for her ability to hold space for people, and has successfully translated that into speaking and discussion events too. 


Her blog, Mind Body Bowl, is a popular wellness destination online and her book of the same name aims to share with people the tools with which to exercise our own thoughts about our minds, our bodies and our food, in order to allow us to have a positive effect both internally and externally on the world around us.


Through her work, Annie is a passionate advocate of utilising the inherently ‘social’ nature of social media to encourage us to connect on a human level, be that through intimate events, large scale talks and discussions or by simply questioning what we see online. Using technology to promote good in the world, through environmentalism, wisdom-sharing and yoga. Annie uses her ability to listen and provide a platform to others in order to amplify messages of a better tomorrow.


Hosting discussions that allow human-connection, empathy  and differing points of view through Can We Just Ask is a natural progression for Annie’s work and her hope is that by allowing us to look beyond attention grabbing headlines, we can start to slow down and make a real impact on the world around us. 


Will is a broadcaster, documentary-maker and journalist who covers social responsibility, the environment, popular culture and film throughout his work. Having trained as a broadcast journalist and worked at national broadcasters on news & entertainment outputs, including BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and MTV, Will became disillusioned with the culture of 'fast journalism' that a lot of news organisations thrive on. Through his work as a filmmaker and as an improviser, he has learned the powerful effects of story-telling and thinks we should consume our journalism with as much thought and depth as we do other types of media. If something is worth discussing, let's be deliberate with our choices and allow topics the depth they deserve.


Will has created digital-first documentaries about body positivity for BBC3, and is the writer/producer across MTV's News:Unfiltered Show that aims to dive into topics that didn't get as much coverage as they deserved in the news. He's also worked across a variety of series that look into male mental health, LGBTQ+ Sexual Education and Friendships/Loneliness for MTV.


As a creative director and filmmaker, Will wants to use multiple media types to provide a platform for voices that may be left out of traditional media and to help start conversations that really matter.

London, UK

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