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Season 2 

Can We Just Ask: The Podcast


We’re very happy to announce this 10-part-series is in partnership with TOMS. Don’t know TOMS? Here’s a little info about them, they’re awesome:


We believe in a better tomorrow, and we have from the start. In 2006, TOMS pioneered the One for One® model. Since then, our community has provided shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 94 million people around the world.


Today, our model is evolving. In addition to providing for basic needs, we’re taking a stand on human issues. And when people wear TOMS, they’re taking a stand too—for the issues of today, and for a better tomorrow.


TOMS will be partnering with us as we create 4 live panel discussions alongside in-depth, individual discussions with outspoken, exciting changemakers. The series is focussed on the overarching question: How Can We All Make A Stand For A Better Tomorrow? - with 4 different topics coming to light over the course of the podcast. These include social entrepreneurship, male mental health & body image, gender inequality and community activism.


Through a range of different styles of conversations, we hope to provide you with the tools to really delve into the ideas that our guests are exploring, while allowing all sides of the discussion to be heard. The panel events will be intimate, with all proceeds going to our charity partner The Mix, who provide essential support for Under 25’s and as ever, the conversations will be audience-led. So if you want to be part of the discussions and ultimately, if you want to be part of the movement to stand for tomorrow, please head to our website for more info. Everyone in the room will be encouraged to make statements, ask questions and get involved to whatever extent you feel like.


We’re so excited to bring you the next step in this project, and wouldn’t be able to do it without TOMS and without you. Ultimately, we want to help important issues get the coverage they need, we want to bring together thought-leaders, speakers and communities and show that we can increase the intensity of the glimmers of light until they out-shine the shadows.


So watch this space: you can listen to the podcast here, with our panels taking place monthly from August to November. 


Hopefully we’ll see some of you there. And remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.


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